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SITRAK - Let Columbia Love ‘ Made In China’

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Since its inception, SITRAK has won unanimous praise from domestic truck fans for its high appearance, strong power, low fuel consumption and high stability. However, SITRAK has grown against the trend and achieved a monthly sales of 5,000 units, which is an exciting achievement. In order to make the high-end heavy trucks made in China available to the world's truck lovers, the overseas sales team of Sinotruk also sells this heavy truck to all parts of the world, and once imported, it has won the praise of truck lovers such as Trendy reviews.

Today, let's follow the footsteps of our after-sales service department of Sinotruk International Company, and go to Colombia to see the performance of Sitrak.

SITRAK, Let Columbia love made in China


In order to speed up the integration of the product with the local market, I have come to Colombia to carry out product training and service since October last year, during which I deeply felt the charm of this heavy truck. SITRAK made Colombia fall in love with "Made in China".

First of all, this is a "good-looking, very caring" heavy truck. Due to historical reasons, the Colombian market was dominated by American trucks in the early stage, with a relatively monotonous appearance, giving people the feeling of "stupid", and because it is a long-headed vehicle, it greatly affects the driver's vision and driving experience. With the liberalization of the policy, more and more high-end brand trucks from the world have entered the Colombian market one after another, including China's high-end heavy truck - SITRAK. As soon as SITRAK arrived in the local area, it attracted the attention of a large number of truck enthusiasts, giving people a bright feeling, and many female drivers also got on the car for a test drive. From their eyes, they can see the love from the heart, the standard cruise function, engine braking and hydraulic retarder adapted to the local mountainous roads, etc., all of which greatly reduce the driver's driving intensity. You can also listen to songs and enjoy the beauty of Colombia. After the test drive, customers gave thumbs up and kept saying "Muy Bien!"


Secondly, this is a heavy duty truck with "sufficient power and low fuel consumption". The MT13 natural gas engine assembled in the truck is known for its advantages of "low speed and high torque". The mountain is high, the road is far and the pit is deep, who dares to cross the knife immediately, only SITRAK! SITRAK is roaring and running like a lion among the high mountains, and the rumbling sound of the engine is like a song, a hymn for the full-time heavy-duty card SITRAK.


SITRAK,Service always on line

SITRAK Service

As more and more SITRAK go abroad and go all over the world, they are running on the plateau of Colombia, busy in the mining area of Peru, driving in the streets of Taiwan, wherever SITRAK goes, it will become the most beautiful local one. Landscape. The popularity of SITRAK in foreign countries will definitely add a strong touch to the internationalization process of Sinotruk. SITRAK, let the world fall in love with Made in China!

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