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SINOTRUK HOWO All-wheel Drive Tractor Truck appear in Oil field of Saudi Arabia

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The Middle East is rich in crude oil reserves, but it is difficult to transport oil drilling equipment in the vast desert and Gobi areas. It is time-consuming and low-efficiency to disassemble the equipment and transfer it; if you want to transport the whole machine, you need a large carrier vehicle . Due to technical limitations, China brands never entered this market segment before. In 2016, SINOTRUK achieved a breakthrough in this area, a batch of HOWO oilfield special vehicles were delivered to customers. oil field tractor truck

Our client is one of the largest companies in the sector of Saudi Arabia, they operations oil and gas infrastructure and manufacturing related businesses. In 2016, more than 70 HOWO oilfield special vehicles were delivered at one time. In more than 6 years of operation, the HOWO oilfield special vehicle works well all the time. The customer couldn't help but admire: "The HOWO vehicle has excellent and reliable performance, sufficient power, strong passability in the desert, and high attendance rate. We are very satisfied!"

oil field tractor truck2

Now these batches of HOWO desert oil field all-wheel drive tractors are still struggling in the front line of the oil field, galloping in the desert.


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