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How to choose the truck mounted crane

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Truck-mounted cranes are widely used in ports, factory workshops, construction sites, and other occasions where needs to lift and transport materials, in urban construction, advertising construction, power repair, aerial work, and other sites, the truck mounted crane is also popular.  How to choose the suitable truck mounted crane we need? There are three points we need to consider below,

1, we need to know the loading capacity of the truck you want, lower than 10 tons? 20ton, 30ton, or 40tons? It needs a different type of chassis.

2, how many tons is the cargo you will lift with the crane? the weight ranges from 2-20tons.

3, which type of crane do you prefer? There are telescopic type and folding type (knuckle type), the knuckle type could shrink at the back of the cabin, it takes less space of the truck, but the price is a little higher than the telescopic one.



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