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How to Choose a Fuel Tank Truck

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1, how much is the capacity you want to carry? It ranges from 10,000liters to 50,000Liters. For the chassis, we could choose the light truck, heavy-duty truck, or tractor truck with trailers

2, How many compartments do you need? if you need to transport different types of fuel, better match different compartments on the fuel tank. Different compartments could load different types of fuel.

3, do you need a pump and fuel dispensers? , if you want to add fuel for other small vehicles, you may need a pump and dispensers.

4, what's the loading method you need? we have the API discharge valves for your choice. With this discharge valve, you could load the fuel from the bottom of the tank. If you choose the normal discharge valves, you have to load the fuel from the manhole, it's on the top of the tank.



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