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Tractor Truck

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With the rapid development of the world’s economy, road transportation has become the main mode of transportation, As the main equipment of road transportation, semi-trailer tractor is widely used for their advantages of strong specialization, large loading capacity, and fast transportation.

With the tractor + trailer transportation mode, one tractor could pull different trailers and one trailer could be pulled by different tractors. It has greatly improved transportation efficiency.

SINTORUK as the most famous Chinese brand in the world, the HOWO series tractor trucks are well accepted by the consumers.

The 6X4 tractor truck is the most popular one, we have the standard one and heavy-duty model. The standard one with 7ton front axle loading capacity, while the heavy loading one with 9ton front axle loading capacity, the beam is also stronger than the standard one. If the road is good enough and doesn't need heavy loading, we could choose the standard one, if the road is rough and need to pull heavy cargo, the heavy loading one is much better.

The standard fuel tank capacity is 400liters, we could also choose the 600liters one, if it’s still not enough, we could add an extra fuel tank at the back of the cabin, it could be 1000 liters.

Other configurations like integrated mud-guard, wind deflector, etc are optional according to your budget and requirements.



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