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SINOTRUK GSM Truck Delivery Ceremony in Africa Tanzania

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The Tanzania SINOTRUK Representative Office and GSM Group held a grand delivery ceremony. Hundreds of heavy trucks were neatly arranged along both sides of the road. The scene was hot and attracted attention! Since the 1970s, 731 Sinotruk "Yellow River" heavy trucks have served the Tanzania-Zambia Railway. SINOTRUK has been committed to supporting Tanzania's infrastructure construction and serving Tanzania's livelihood projects.


In 2022, the CKD assembly plant project of Sinotruk and Saturn Corporation Limited will officially start construction. After it is put into operation, it will create at least 500 direct jobs and promote the development of Tanzania's truck industry. In the future, Sinotruk will continue to contribute its own strength to the highly developed efficient logistics and transportation industry in Tanzania with its strong domestic and cross-border service capabilities.


In his speech, GSM executive Mr. Sultan spoke highly of the cooperation between the two parties. He pointed out that the centralized purchase of hundreds of heavy trucks by the GSM group fully reflects the strength and influence of Sinotruk in the heavy truck brand in Tanzania, and also marks the further expansion of mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two parties. As an important customer and partner of Sinotruk in Tanzania, GSM will continue to deepen cooperation in the future and strive to promote the continuous development of Tanzania's social economy!


In the context of the raging epidemic, it is not easy for Sinotruk to achieve the centralized delivery of hundreds of heavy trucks in Africa, which is thousands of miles away. The hot delivery ceremony shocked everyone present! In fact, as one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world, Sinotruk products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions around the world, with the ability to export more than 50,000 heavy-duty trucks per year, and the export volume of trucks has ranked No.1 among Chinese truck brands for 17 consecutive years.  At present, Sinotruk has 6 KD assembly plants, 26 offices, 96 distribution outlets, and more than 200 parts sales channels on the African continent, which fully reflects Sinotruk's emphasis on the African market and the determination to provide high-quality services to African customers

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